Monthly Archives: January 2005

men cry freedom but there is no freedom

In 12 hours I will have done indelible damage to my law school transcript. In years to come my biographers will write: “He entered law school, as did so many young men and women of his time, with only the most nebulous notion of what it entailed. By the end of his third semester he […]

it’s not the heat it’s the humidity

birthday. She wasn’t doing anything tonight so I invited her to dinner at 7 o’clock, at some restaurant. At 7:03 I had enchiladas in the oven with only 20 minutes left to go when I remembered the date. I turned the oven off and called Jean to tell her I was just leaving and would […]


. . . inane question about the volume of sneezes, and how much control people had over the volume of sneezes. Now it’s not like I haven’t given this some consideration. I remember how I knew a guy whose sneezes had this self-conscious quality to them, like maybe he was adding a bit more sound […]