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First day of exile

July 20, 2009, #3 The First Monday of My Exile.  The lore of firings and layoffs at the Firm is rich and varied – all of the information comes secondhand,  (“I heard Bill Firth was told that if he didn’t double his hours in six months he wouldn’t get a bonus”), and no one knew […]


I fee like dog shit.  I behaved myself badly last night, trying to prove with exuberant antics that I felt no shame at losing my job.  I am cursed by the utter inability to black out when I drink too much.  My memories of the evening are crystal clear.  I remember S. asking me to […]

I got fired from Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

I “lost” my “job” today.  Lost is in quotation marks because I was neither fired nor laid-off, nor did I quit.  I work(ed) at a very large corporate law firm, a white-shoe firm, a long-standing and venerated bastion of the financial industry, whose founders shared offices and wives with the founders of JP Morgan and […]