Monthly Archives: September 2010

On living in Northern Liberties

Now I make my bed nearly every morning, which I never used to do unless someone likely to be bowled over by the sight of it stood a chance of stopping by. I also change my sheets fairly frequently, which before I only ever did under duress of impending coitus. Now I do it preemptively, […]

Efficient use of dead things

W ell no, it’s just that I saw your crucifix and I thought maybe you wouldn’t really approve of me. Oh? You’re not? Just a decoration? Well, I guess I’m pretty thoroughly not religious, is the thing, I mean not even close, I reject it all wholesale. You do too? Well it’s a pretty misleading […]


On a bench in Rittenhouse Square Park after about 20 minutes I started to feel some kinship for my bench neighbors.  Two couples with an unclear sibling relationship and their kids, plus one extra apparently unattached sibling.  The littlest kid went nuts for every dog that walked by, and had a priceless encounter with a […]