Monthly Archives: November 2010

#5 Shane

In one of the episodes of Modern Family (which I like as a straightforward, nicely written sitcom), Ed O’Neil’s character tells the camera the reasons he dislikes his wife’s ex-husband. Then he says something to the effect of “I don’t like the guy. Do I have a good reasons not to like the guy? Sure. […]

#4 The Villa

I woke up early the next day and went to the market that had sprung up overnight and filled the alleys behind the hotel. It sprawled over 10 square blocks and from where I entered it began as a sort of sidewalk yard sale, with old lamps, china, motorcycle parts, picture frames, and baseball cards […]

#3 steezy jet

At Gatwick Airport I tried to remember what James and Tony had looked liked in the pictures Campbell had sent me. I’d only glanced at them before stuffing my laptop into my bag, along with all my other stuff and Campbell’s underwear, and rushing out to catch one of those charming double-deckers. So “vaguely tall” […]

#2 ‘tonin

Whispered voices woke me up, I saw two women right outside my bedroom door. “It’s turned completely black now. She’s only got a couple of days, the doctor said.” “Oh my god, that’s so sad.” “Thank you for letting her do this, she wanted to say goodbye, but she couldn’t bear speaking to anyone.” They […]

#1 – The Queen’s English Lessons

An old Haitian woman sat directly behind me, and before the plane started moving she stood up, grabbing the back of my seat, and speaking loudly and rhythmically in Creole. I think I caught “thank you” and “please” in there somewhere, so I naturally assumed she was calling upon the voodoo gods for protection during […]