Monthly Archives: January 2011

Benign Essential Tremor

The old man saw me coming a mile away, probably saw me watching the kids playing on the swing set and saw me get all mopey about how I’d never again learn for the first time that adults aren’t infallible; saw me pining over the teenagers at the picnic table as they suppressed their raging […]

young man, not the law

I’ve felt for a long time now that I should never have gone to law school. If I can be said to have had a reason for going to law school, I assure you it was not a good one. Freshman year in College I met this girl, Paola. She came as a prospective student […]

#10 Everything Else

I’ve tried to leave out everything sordid and depressing and so this is a condensed version of the rest of the trip. Some of the sordid and depressing stuff I left in. From Rome I traveled to Geneva, I hardly remember how at this point, but I remember traveling backward so I assume the trip […]