Monthly Archives: December 2012

Shore Sex

Infidelity was inevitable. Husbands and wives sat – together – on the beach all day, his own wife spluttered inanities on the beach all day. Was there some competition? Everyone saying the same old nonsense each day – there is a limit as to how much can be said about cheeky children, incompetent contractors, and […]

Matt and Harrison

They were fat because they were Mama’s boys. Matt’s mother had pampered him, babied him, stuffed him all his life. His fat was almost as old as him, congealed at his belly, a weight that anchored him to a chair. When he hurried, he swished along in a shuffle skip, like a ballerina carrying a […]


More than envying their 16th birthday Eagle Talons and Volkswagen Cabriolets, their country club homes and bedrooms with full bathrooms en suite; more than their finished-furnished basements and golf course backyards with infrequent and always foreseeable, or in the case of basement stairs, fore-hear-able, parental contact, I wanted the rich kids’ depravity. Condemned it in […]

Slack Motherfucker – A Tale of Blackest Betrayal (a formerly private email)

Last night, at the mancino show, B came with me. As I think you all know, if the last 10 years of my life have generated one sincere, profound regret, it’s that I never made a concerted attempt to go after this one particular girl. Even seeing her name in print stirs my soul. So […]

Air Travel

Air travel is dreadful, as in dreadful. As in full of thick, hanging horror of the predestined. The sweaty palms, sleeplessness, and jerky reactions, I fear, tell my companions I am thoroughly terrified. Yet the flight staff doesn’t give me any special, soothing treatment. More than the stiff neck and cramped legs, it is my […]