Pissed Off

The toilets here have a lower water level and more of a slope down from the lip into the bowels of the bowl. Sometimes the geometry is off by a bit, sometimes things don’t line up quite perfectly. With practice, probably, my technique could improve to alleviate the problem, but, as it stands, to put it bluntly: shit sticks to the the side of the toilet bowl.

Shit sticks to the side of the toilet bowl and even after two or three flushes I can still sometimes see traces of this stuff which my upbringing never led me to think of as especially adhesive. When the remainder seems more than usually stubborn and voluminous, I may break out the toilet brush and solve the problem with brute mechanics. For the most part, though, I walk away after three or four good faith flushing efforts.

I walk away because I’ll know I’ll be back later with less important business, and during my less important business I’ll see the traces and I’ll idly direct my less important business at the traces, and, more often than not, twenty or thirty seconds of concentration and aim will take care of the remainders altogether. I can just direct the stream at them and blast them off, later.

Imagine, though if someone walked in and saw it and asked you why in God’s name you had left that there? Asked you, point blank, whether you thought it was ok to leave streaks of shit clinging to the slope of the toilet? Asked you whether that, in your opinion, was civilized behavior? What could I say? Could I really look them in the eye and say “I know, I know, but I was going to piss all that shit off later”? I’m not sure I could.

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